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University of Leicester:

Dear Frank,

Who the hell are 'The Amazing Bavarian Stompers' I asked myself. When you wrote to me and then telephoned me in early autumn term.

I was cuious and so were all the rag committe, because you all looked like a bunch of 'Pisspots', a band of idiots... You name it we thought it all!

What do these 'Stompers' do? Will they be popular? Should I take a gamble and book them? We needn't have worried about a thing! Cheers Frank and boys, What a bloody good evening you gave the notoriusly cynically apathetic Leicester students. The three hundred people who came to see you are still recovering from beer and crazy act you lot gave them.

"Can we book the again?" "They were superb, get em again soon!" The punters criticism is always the best!

What can I say, you didn't let me down, as you promised me - "Give them time for a few beers, and they won't know what's hit them when we steam into them" And you did!

Cheers, we had a brilliant time - how about next year?

Leicester University Students Union
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